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woolrich outlet bologna The young and vibrant designer Shloka Sudhakar showcased her collection for the opening show on DAY 3. The collection is a plethora of beautifully constructed sarees, anarkalis, lehengas and cocktail dresses. The use of gutsy colours and combinations besides the use of the finest fabrics took the leading role. The fabulous show ended with a shout out to all the women: WEAR YOUNG. FEEL YOUNG. STAY YOUNG.,You have often heard one say, ��A man is known by the company he keeps��. However it seems these days that a person is more likely to be known by the attire he/she wears. It is considered, that the biggest mistake a person can ever commit is a fashion faux pas. One thing that is inevitable in the fashion world is change. We are consistently being presented with various advertisement gigs that portray what famous celebrities are wearing and this has a direct impact on our lives. While shopping for clothes, a typical teenager would often say, ��I want a dress that resembles what Bono was wearing in his latest music video��. Today, fashion dictates our lives and what we wear. Whether it is at a party or at work, we want our dress to reflect our taste and attitude. On other occasions, we are keener on making a personal style statement.,Fans of the Bravo network's competitive reality television series Project Runway are familiar with Jeffrey Sebelia as the penultimate winner of the show's third season, coming out on top in the contest. However, he himself has remained seemingly undecided about how exactly his victory has changed in life, and how it will affect future decisions that he has to make. During an interview, Sebelia claimed that he wasn't sure if being famous would make his life any easier to live. He added that as a younger fashion designer, whether or not he won, it was still hard to get into the highly competitive and frenetic world of the fashion industry. Despite his difficulties, Sebelia is still going on and pushing forward his own fashion line named Cosa Nostra, his work being showcased during the LA Fashion Week. His designs were featured at the so-called "renegade" BOXeight shows, rather than the more mainstream events, located at the IMG's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Smashbox Studios. One of the inspirations that he drew on for his latest spring line was Into the Wild, a book written by Jon Krakauer which has also recently been given its own feature film adaptation in theaters Sebelia explained that he felt resonance with the life story and personal journey of the story's protagonist, Chris McCandless, particularly the time that he was in the harsh desert. Technical details of his fashion designs such as the color palette stemmed from the visual imagery Sebelia had of the story. McCandless would later go on to Alaska, which Sebelia also integrated into his clothing designs, which he wanted to also be fully white and silvery. While longtime followers and fans of his work can expect to see his typical design elements of skinny jeans and zippers, he is also offering bomber-inspired jackets, military coats, and even preppy V-neck sweaters. For more resources about Project Runway: Jeffrey Sebelia at LA Fashion Week or for the full story of Project Runway please review this link mcm italia "giuseppe zanotti shoes price,"kids uggs nordstrom,"juicy couture baby blanket
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